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2015. 13 minutes. Fl, Ob, Cl, Bsn, Hn, Trp, Tbn, 2 Perc, Str



composed for Wild Up.


This piece explores the idea of energy, or more precisely, energy that is and is not perceptible. We are constantly surrounded by a flow of people, information, data, and power, but are often not actively aware of it. In composing (and listening) I find that the energy of a musician comes not only from the sounds that are notated, but also by the extraneous sounds of performing (breathing, bows hitting strings, page turns, etc.) – not to mention the visual movement of the player during a performance. The first section of this piece focuses on “playing while not playing”: musicians play ostinatos without properly activating their pitch. Slowly a flow of music comes into focus, creating shapes, colors, and harmonies for the remainder of the piece. In the middle of this activity is a slow, simple theme that acts as a “user,” going its own way (first heard in the low strings). This music carries a heavy weight throughout the work; sadly pressing on as the energy flow circles around, devouring and recreating itself..